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    Welcome to Rogers High School Football, home of the Rogers Royals. Established in 2003, Rogers football competes in Class 5A, Section 6. 

    The Quarterback Club provides support to our Rogers Royals Football program through fundraising events, sponsorship opportunities, membership and community connections. All monies raised goes directly to our student-athletes in the form of team events, player development and scholarships. 

    20 Year Hankies

    To commemorate 20 Years of Rogers Football, we will be selling Hankies at the 8/4 Kick Off Meeting, Home Games and other events. 

    $10 each

    Proceeds will support RHS Football

    2022 Key Dates & Events

    • 9/23  HOMECOMING at Varsity Game
    • 10/3 QB Club Meeting, 7:00pm at RHS Franz Classroom
    • 10/7 SENIOR NIGHT/TACKLE CANCER at Varsity Game
    • 11/7 QB Club Meeting, 7:00pm at RHS Franz Classroom
    • 11/27 End of Season Banquet
    • 12/5 QB Club Meeting, 7:00pm at RHS Franz Classroom


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    2022 Volunteers Needed

    We are in need of coordinators and volunteers to support various events and activities throughout the season. Please see our QB Club page for a full list. 

    Concessions: 9th/10th Grade families are asked to volunteer for 1 home game minimum. 

    Post Game Meals: 12th/11th Grade families host at their home or at RAC. 

    Other opportunities will be added as needed. 

    If you have any questions, please contact Sara Weis at 

    Become a Member!

    Quarterback Club Booster Fee and & Membership Registration is now LIVE. We ask all families to support the costs of the program by contributing $100 to the QB Club.

    What does the Fee help to support? Here's a few...

    • Additional Coaching Staff
    • Coach Buses for long distance games
    • Expenses related to team meals, events, etc. 
    • Banquet support
    • And more... 

    Members will receive membership emails and are listed  on the website to show appreciate for your support of our program. Thank You!

    2022 Booster Club Members

    Thank you for your donation and support of the Rogers High School Football Program. 

    Senior Members Junior Members
    Tony & Jennifer Bulduc John & Chunny Daiker
    Roberto & Lesley Cespedes Donovan & Jodi Dawson
    Steve & Wanda Gierman Mark & Erin Frank
    Thomas & Jessica Dickerson Jeff & Anna Gilmore
    Ari & Mary Gordon Daren & Dawn Jenson
    Neil & Tammi Hennen Trent Mostaert & Cheri Erstad
    Ryan & Heidi Sawdey Bill & Amy Schulz
    Daniel & Jenny Satter Brian & Martina Willegalle
    Corey & Morgan Thomas Jim & Peggy Pereda
    Duane & Robyn Smude Paul & Terri Broberg
    Doug & Kathleen Dube
    Adam & Natalie Sobiech
    Chris & Melissa DeVries
    Clive Ombongi
    Shaun & Terah Bunch
    Justin Bell & Erin Bell Karlsen
    Tim & Tracy Salwei
    Scott Carlson & Allie Terrique
    Sacha & Shari Yasseri
    Chantal & Paul Colligan
    Sophomore Members Freshman Members
    Geoff & Andrea Forbes Greg & Katie Amundson
    Ron & Jen Holterman Bob Cary & Milo Bauermeister-Carey
    Tom & April Kiel Mitch & Noelle Burmis
    John & Jody Lucier Terrance & Pam Enstad
    Chuck & Leslie Myrin Jason & Jane Greni
    Mike & Shannon Anderson Greg & Heidi Josewski
    Eric & Meredith Rowley Ryon & Sarah Morgando
    Seth & Tyanne Ryan Dave & Molly Jean Redick
    Mike & Erica Sehr Mick & Kimberly Siharaj
    Clint & Lori Vanderheyden Mike & Crissy Uttech
    Kurt & Linda VonRueden Victor Williams & Kelly Amberg
    Jason & Sara Weis Daniel & Missy Courteau
    Ryan & Crystal Hoyt Michael & Jill Honnoll
    Drew & Lisa Rongere Rich & Elisa Iversen
    Judd & Michelle Stokes Jon & Monica Mammen
    Ali & Noor Adnan Jeffery & Karin Ridlehoover
    Andy & Keena Becker Michaell & Andrea Stafford
    Mark & Rachelle Dubay Corey & Lisa Fenstra
    John & Kristen Wakershauser Aaron & Diane Jones
    Jim & Felicia Vylasek Amy Stricklin
    Ryan & Jennifer McGraw
    Greg & Taresa Fetsch
    Shaundra Sand
    Scott Carlson & Allie Terriquez
    Ryan & Dena Carroll
    Matt Anderson

    Rogers Football News

    Rogers football program celebrating 20th anniversary

    By Erik Nelson 09/18/2022, 9:30am CDT